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About the editor

The editor is a full time general medical practitioner in the British Isles.  He doesn't think he is necessarily the best person for the job, but as the job seemed to need doing and nobody else seemed to be doing it, he stepped up to the plate.

Some of my guest blogs and podcasts about health, peak energy and collapse

"Village Medicine" guest blog for ClubOrlov (2014)

"Post collapse professional credentials" guest blog for ClubOrlov (2014)

"Postcard from the Frontline" guest blog for Health After Oil (2013)

"The awful truth about SETI" guest blog for Survive Peak Oil (2013)

"Dos and don'ts for narcotic addicts" guest blog for Survive Peak Oil (2013)

"Post Peak Medicine Part 1" guest blog for Canadian Doomer (2012)

"Post Peak Medicine Part 2" guest blog for Canadian Doomer (2012)

Interview for Relocalization Radio (2011)

"Peak oil and healthcare" interview for Two Beers With Steve podcast (2010)

And, from an earlier era:

Basic law for road protestors (1996)