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There is an enormous amount of material available for people who wish to learn more about the economy, peak energy and preparation. It is available in the form of books, videos, websites and podcasts. I am not going to try to list it all, but instead I am going to list the material which I have read and found helpful. I am going to divide the material into two lists, "essential" and "useful". This is very much a personal choice, and if I have not included something in the lists, that doesn't necessarily mean I don't agree with it - I am just trying to keep the lists to a manageable size.

You will notice that there are no radio or television programmes or newspapers on the list - the so-called "mainstream media". Nor are there any government documents or departments. By all means listen to these sources if you want, but please bear in mind that the standard of reporting about peak oil and related issues from these sources has been abysmal for about the last four decades, and is unlikely to change any time soon.


The Crash Course (Chris Martenson)

Arithmetic, Population and Energy (Albert Bartlett)

Wikipedia on Peak Oil



Websites and blogs

Automatic Earth (Nicole Foss / Stoneleigh)

Club Orlov (Dmitry Orlov)

Growthbusters (Dave Gardner)

Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith)

Post Carbon Institute

Resilience (Post Carbon Institute)

Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson)

Survival Medicine (Dr Bones and Nurse Amy)

SHTF School (Selco)

Sustainable Independence (Cam Mather)

Kunstler.com(James Howard Kunstler)

Survival Report

Paper books

Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed (Jared Diamond)

Manual of Rural Practice (Society of Rural Physicians of Canada)

Peak Everything (Richard Heinberg)

Practical Fracture Treatment (McRae and Esser)

The Green Gardener's Guide (Joe Lamp'l)

The Long Emergency (James Howard Kunstler)

The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook (Albert Bates)

Thriving During Challenging TImes (Cam Mather)



Where There Is No Doctor/Dentist (Hesperian Publications)

Surgical Care at the District Hospital (World Health Organization)

Survivor Library



Money as Debt (Paul Grignon)



The Survival Podcast (Jack Spirko)

Financial Sense Newshour (Jim Puplava)

The Extraenvironmentalist (Seth Moser-Katz and Justin Ritchie)